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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Easter egg hidden?

  2. On the contact us page

  3. What kind of images can I use with liveScratch?

  4. Any image in a web-friendly format will work, GIF and JPEG/JPG are the most common formats.

  5. What size can the electronic scratchcards be?

  6. It depends on how fast the player's computer is. A size of 200 x 200 pixels is safe for most users, but larger sizes are available.

  7. Will liveScratch work on all computers?

  8. Our tests show that it works on 95% of desktop machines. It works on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. In fact it runs on almost anything with Java installed, including mobile phones and PDAs.

  9. What about corporate firewalls?

  10. Since liveScratch is web-based most firewalls will let it through. However this does depend on an individual company's firewall policies. We recommend that liveScratch cards are sent as a link inside an email, rather than as an email attachment as this is less likely to fall foul of firewalls.

  11. Is it possible to adjust the thickness of the scratch line?

  12. Yes, this is an easy change. There is a parameter called 'line_width'; simply changing the number here alters the scratch width. 1 is the thinnest line, larger numbers make the line thicker.

  13. Can I have more than one revealed, background image?

  14. Yes, liveScratch supports up to 20 different revealed images and will rotate them randomly.

  15. Can liveScratch handle instant wins?

  16. Yes. As well as the raffle-style play where users get a lucky number, players can also reveal an image telling them exactly what they've won.

  17. Do I have to have an internet connection to use liveScratch on an exhibition stand?

  18. No, liveScratch can run on a laptop without an internet connection. We can provide all the software you need to run the competition without a phoneline.

  19. With paper-based scratchcards I have to purchase a minimum number, is this also true of e-scratchcards?

  20. No, you can provide as many or as few scratchcards as you like.

  21. How much help can I expect?

  22. Help is a phone call away if you need it. LiveScratch Custom implementations vary considerably and our expertise is part of the package. This can extend to hosting the application on our servers, thereby eliminating the need to involve your IT people.

  23. Is liveScratch suitable for charities?

  24. Yes, charities can use liveScratch in a number of ways to stimulate interest in their activities and to encourage donations. For example, raffle-style promotions are easy to run and can help charities to expand their databases of potential donors.

  25. How long does it take to get a liveScratch promotion up and running?

  26. This depends on the complexity of the campaign. LiveScratch Expo can be deployed very quickly (the limiting factor will generally be design and campaign preparation), while the deployment of liveScratch Custom will depend on the complexity involved. Even the most complex applications can be completed within a few weeks.

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