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LiveScratch is currently available in two versions.

LiveScratch Expo provides a great way of breaking the ice with visitors at trade shows and conferences. Asking visitors if they want to play a scratch card game puts them at ease and starts a dialogue. LiveScratch Expo can run on a standalone laptop making it easy to use. The application can be set up to capture visitors' details so that you can follow them up after the show.

LiveScratch Custom is designed to deliver tailor-made solutions for your company and incorporates our back-end competition management technology. This enables a wide range of functionality including: interfacing with your existing systems to ingest the data that drives a competition, delivering lists of prize winners and prizes to a fulfilment house, interfacing to bespoke systems (e.g. hotel booking system) to deliver prizes online and in real time.

Both versions can run either as "instant win" or as a "raffle" where winners are drawn from a hat at the end of the competition.

How does it work?

Quite simply, the player uses the mouse to scratch off a "top" image revealing another image underneath. Each movement of the mouse reveals more of the underlying picture. You can see them in action here. The revealed image tells the player whether a prize has been won or not or gives them a lucky number. Alternatively it can simply display a message.

Winning ratios, depending on the number, type and frequency of prizes available, are pre-programmed to suit your requirements, and the visuals are designed to fit with your campaign theme and corporate identity. Set up as either a page on your web site or programmed as a standalone on a PC, laptop or hand-held, liveScratch allows you to capture customer data so that future contact can be made and prizes delivered.

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